Just got a pagerank!

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We just got a pagerank of 4. So Google is updating !


Re: Just got a pagerank!

the update started 4 days ago...

Re: Just got a pagerank!

"seo101"  wrote  ...
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... but it hasn't finished yet!

Two out of three of my newer sites are consistently showing a healthy
number, the other is still varying beteen 0 and 4 (go figure!). Another
site, which suffered severe re-organization, has yet to settle down.

Interestingly, my newest site, two months old or thereabouts, still shows
zilch - despite being very similar (except in content), to another which won
a healthy 3 (only a month older).

So I'm betting these figures are already a couple of months out of date, as

And, also as usual, these figures really count for little - mine were doing
well in the serps weeks ago, and that has not changed.
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Re: Just got a pagerank!

__/ [ Andrew Heenan ] on Wednesday 22 February 2006 03:17 \__

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I agree. Not at all consistent across datacentres yet...

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If it's of any relevance, I registered a domain in October. I expected it to
inherit a PageRank 4, but the subsequent update 'did not take'. It possibly
takes a few months for updates to be considered, at least for new sites.
PageRank is finally being updated for that site, only 5 months down the

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Yes, it can be a misrepresentation unless you point out (in the main page)
the freshness of the site, assuming visitors understand the way TBPR updates

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Hope this contributes,


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