JavaScript created links that Google can read

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This post has to come with a few disclaimers:

1. This is NOT related the the new Googlebot/Test.  This behavior has
been stable for many months.

2. This may be considered an unethical SEO technique. Caveat emptor.

I discovered, somewhat accidentally, that Googlebot was reading some links
I had implemented in JavaScript and passing PR based upon those links.

This doesn't work with normal JavaScript links, but it is a neat trick.

The purpose for this trick is to pass PR to more destinations than would
normally be possible without buidling a significantly ugly web page.

The "trick" is implemented in HTML and JavaScript code at

random-site.shtml is called by footer.shtml which is included in every
page at

If you do a "link:<url>" check at Google, you will see hundreds of links
to those destinations from Fort Liberty.  Those links are in this

Run this Google search to see hundreds of links to from
these scripts on various web sites:

The important point to note is that *EVERY* outbound link in this script
sends PR *EVERY* time, not just the one outbound link which is randomly
selected.  This is counter-intuitive, but the results seem clear.

Note that one site, , does not show the
majority of the inbound links.  I have no idea why this is.
NaughtyNightLife is not my web site and I do not do SEO for it.  It's run
by a couple of drinking buddies of mine.

This is not Google reading JavaScript links, but it does
show that Google has been able to read *some* JavaScript for at least six


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