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I've begun using ISAPI_Rewite (IR), to make my URL's more search
engine friendly.  I'm wondering though if my new URL's will be
considered "duplicate URL's", in that the new URL will point to old

For example:

Old URL - This page is the old type of URL:

New URL - for IR translation:

IR would extract the 25 from the URL, and pass into /library/

So, the Old URL still exists, and can be accessed via Old URL
directly, but the new URL also works.

Is this considered "duplicate links" being they go to the same
content?  I don't see any other way to start using IR, but I don't
want to be penalized by search engines.

Re: ISAPI_Rewrite

No, you won't be penalized by search engines. Actually you will most
likely boost your page rank. Using pretty permalinks is a very common

To avoid duplicate links and reduce the risk of getting penalized, you
must use only pretty URL links in your website. Do not use both types
of links for the same webpage. That is, for your example page, use
only the new URL, not both.

Also, if you finally decide to want to use a URL rewrite tool for IIS,
I strongly recommend IIS Mod-Rewrite (
). It's a much more solid solution, and it is compatible with apache
mod_rewrite. It has a lot of other fancy features and you might need
to take a look.

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Re: ISAPI_Rewrite

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I see your email address, and 2 authors are listed, but I can't see
your post anywhere.  Not matter what I click on, I can't see anything
other than my question.

I'm not a Google Groups expert, so not sure what's wrong.

Re: ISAPI_Rewrite

Update, now I can see the posts.  Guess was timing.

Re: ISAPI_Rewrite

acer152 wrote:

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Redirect the old URLs to the new URLs with 301 redirects.  Otherwise deep
links to your site will be broken (404 errors).  Make sure that one page of
content only has one possible URL (the new version).

Re: ISAPI_Rewrite

The old pages are what actually process the page (ASP), so cannot use
301, because the pages still need to process.

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