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Hi folks,

I have a company trying to sell me a domain name matched to a popular
search phrase which is relevant to my site.

i.e. (made up example) 1000 people searched for "big yellow lorry"
last month, so if I set up a site then I will
always be ranked very highly for this search phrase, because of the
match between the domain name and the search phrase.

Is this true, or a load of old rubbish. I have 'tested' the theory by
looking at the domain names of very poorly ranked sites (positions 200
+), and then entering their domain names as a search. e.g. --> search for "computer books for
everyone". Sure enough it returns them in position 1 !!

Is this a good strategy ? will the search engines change their rules
to stop this some day ?

Any opinions appreciated,



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domain name and page name with your keywords help, but they do not
guarantee top placement.

You also need incoming links with your keywords in the text link. (off page

You also need your keywords included in important parts of your pages like
<h1>, <b>, <h2>, <title> and other html tags.  (on page optimization)

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Re: Is this true ?

On 19/7/04 7:50 pm, craig wrote:

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Just as a random example, I bet this one doesn't get much traffic: /

Philip Ronan
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Re: Is this true ?

 >Philip Ronan wrote:
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Yep.  Content matters and there's no static content on that page.
You can't even find that site searching on "electric
toothbrush" in the top 40 in Google,
and I stopped looking at that point.

Like I've been saying for a very long time, there's no magic bullet.

Laurie D. T. Mann
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Re: Is this true ?

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Run from them, it is a scam.  It will not help you in a hughe way, IBL's are
waaaaaaaaaay more important.

It will help a bit but probably in the lower 5% of meaningful facors all
things being equual.

If you search carefully, you willprobably find other hyphenated domain names
you can get for $8.95 at

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Re: Is this true ?

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Thanks folks,

I appreciate all your advice - it has been very helpful !


Re: Is this true ?

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You could probably do just as well if you had stuff like

all under one domain name.

Re: Is this true ?

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Thanks, that's a really good suggestion!

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Re: Is this true ?

Using hypenated domain names also have the advantage of putting your
keywords in the anchor text everytime someone links back to you.

My site ranks No 5 for "online college
degrees" and No. 3 for "college degrees" partly because of the
hyphenated name.

I am totally in favor of them.


Re:Is this true ?

There are a lot of variables to consider, what i noticed is tha
keyword domains do work in google, BUT only if they have have hig
page rank. Case in point, look up search result for "photography" an
the top result is hyphen/keywords

"Western Cowboy Boots", does not bring u

This is only a speculation. Alot of it is how you want to presen

yourself to the public as well. I'd say if you are trying to ge
information out, the keyword domain is fine. For products, I would ge
something more creative so you can create better branding with th
customers :
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