Is this spamming ?

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Can I consider these  spamming ? /

see gray text at the bottom /

or this

or this ? /

and this ? /

the text is not clear but far from top of the page ....

and this ? /

and this with keyword + redirect ? /

Re: Is this spamming ?

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This isn't alt.html.critique

What do you think it is?

Re: Is this spamming ?

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My question is serious,
your answer instead ?

Re: Is this spamming ?

This is clearly spam. Doesn't matter how fancy it is. The pages ar

filled with hidden content, quite eloborately I might add. Almos
undectable. Any attempt have content spidered by the robot but remai
hidden from the Internet visitor is spam



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Re: Is this spamming ?

Elective Affinities wrote:

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He is saying - ask it in the right place. And this is an English-language


Re: Is this spamming ?

__/ [Elective Affinities] on Wednesday 08 February 2006 00:16 \__

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They all appear to be associated with the same crook and spamming techniques
are similar. The level of severity varies though. Perhaps spam evolved in a
variety of domains.

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  HOTEL GARNI RENANIA - Hotel Bibione. Hotel Bibione prenotazione.


Spam, gibberish (not intended for human readers), light colours that Google
consider to be hidden content.

Definitely spam.

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I am using a keyword density tool with the term "hotel". Result:

Title: 3 matches
Body: 35
Header: 11 (40% of all words)
Links: 12
Meta description: 4 (40% of all string)
Meta ketwords: 3 (40% of all string)

If that's not spam, I don't know what is...

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I have looked at two more and they use the same techniques as above. Well
spotted. Report them to the search engines and get them wiped off the index.
The Net doesn't need such grabage.


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