Is this spam?

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Click an area, then a town, and you are brought to the same page 'optimised
for whatever town you select, same links and everything, just the town
replaced. check the site and you will see what I mean.
This isn't easy to call spam, but it does irritate me. Hopefully google will
soon catch on to sites like this, but for the moment I have seen similar
sites ranking highly. What do you think? is this ethical in anyone's


Re: Is this spam?

hahahaha, sorry for laughing but that's very funny.

Check this out in their disclaimer:
""The dating websites listed and their specific details may change periodically


What they've done is taken 2-3 pages and strung it out into over 1,000 pages.

As for whether it's spam. Report it to Google if it bothers you and see what

Re: Is this spam?

It's clearly duplicate content, so definitely spam. If Google excluded
placenames from consideration in their duplicate filter, they could fix tons of
pages like these.

Alice Woolley /
Inside the Bubble - autism information

Re: Is this spam?

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I've no idea whether this fools Google, but I don't think it is going to
fool many people.  And getting Google to index your site is pointless if
people who look at it soon recognise it as bogus.

Nick Wedd

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