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Re: Is this site breaking SE Rules?


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Ooo Do they? How fabulous!

Re: Is this site breaking SE Rules?

On Sat, 25 Nov 2006 22:23:39 +0000, Mogga

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Re: Is this site breaking SE Rules?

Borek wrote:
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They are only #27 in the United Kingdom edition of Google.

Maybe, Google is also not reading it?

Re: Is this site breaking SE Rules?

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I decided to check out my competition.  Mercola is #3.  Definitely a
seedie character, if I ever seen one.  And, sure enough he is using
invsible text on his home page.

<DIV class=NewsCntOff id=NewsCnt style="WIDTH: 100%; POSITION:
relative; HEIGHT: auto"><!-- Latest News Content Starts here
--><Span><a href The
Great Thanksgiving Hoax</a><br>by Richard J. Marbury Each year at this
time school children all overAmerica are taught the official
Thanksgiving story, and newspapers,radio, ...</Span><br><br><Span><a
href = The
Link Grows Between Enough Sleep and Obesity</a><br>Interesting how more
studies are surfacing that establish a link between sleeping and
obesity, including this latest research that monitored the sleep

...</Span><br><br><Span><a href FDA
Continues to Harass Raw Milk Providers</a><br> followed
up on an excellent article posted last month about the targeting of
rural raw milk sources by state and federal officials with

...</Span><br><br><Span><a href Nanotechnology
Finally Being Regulated by EPA</a><br>As nanotechnology creeps into
other not-so-great areas that can affect your health -- lip gloss,
canola oil, food storage containers and sunscreens --

...</Span><br><br><Span><a href Drug
Lobbyists on the Run After Democratic Midterm Shift</a><br>Last year, I
warned you how the drug company cartel, led by the Pharmaceutical
Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), bought influence in
Congress ...</Span><br><br><!-- Latest News content Ends here --></DIV>

<DIV class=OffersCntOff id=OffersCnt style="WIDTH: 100%; POSITION:
relative; HEIGHT: auto"><!-- Offers Content Starts here --><SPAN><A
href=" ">I
Personally Helped Formulate This One: a Convenient Brand New Energy Bar
that Really is Nutritious</A><BR>Unlike most of today's so-called
energy bars that offer little real nutrition and are high in sugar,
this all-new bar that I was involved in helping to formulate offers
only the healthiest ingredients your body really needs. Plus I am
convinced you won't find a better tasting bar ANYWHERE. Find out more

href=" ">I've Found an
Unbeatable Natural Source of Antioxidant Power 300x Stronger than
Vitamin A &amp; E!</A><BR>This natural product is SUPER-RICH in
essential DHA and EPA Omega-3, loaded with far more antioxidant power
than fish oil, and has nearly total bio-availability for better
href=" ">Reverse
Damage from Sugar, Grains, Processed Foods &amp; Other Toxins With This
NEW Natural Healing Tool</A><BR>Unless your diet is perfect, taking
probiotics is the best way to ensure your digestive tract is balanced
with the necessary "good bacteria" your body requires to fend off
illness and disease. And after a long search, I've finally found the
most effective probiotic available. Hurry -- special introductory offer
expiring soon!</SPAN><BR><BR><SPAN><A
href=" ">Does the High
Cost of Nutrition and Greens Drinks Perplex You?</A><BR>Try this
TOP-rated nutritious, delicious &amp; affordable solution instead. This
delicious and easy to prepare drink tastes like a shake and is loaded
with raw proteins power to enhance your immunity. Ideal for anyone
seeking prime health and convenience, and you'll love the
price!</SPAN><BR><!-- Offers content Ends here --></DIV>

What is the advantage of having invisible text hyperlinks?

The problem is that it looks more like babbling.  But, he does appear
to be plugging some keywords that I am not interested in. :(

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