Is this linking technique acceptable?

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Someone is linking to my site in this fashion (I am leaving all original
references in place; editing would be somewhat involved):

<a href=" "  OnMouseOut="window.status=''; return
true"  OnMouseOver="window.status='Russian Translation USA. Russian-English
Translations'; return true"
return false;">Russian Translation USA. Russian-English Translations</a>

When clicking on this link, my Home Page comes up with a blank PR field on
the G-toolbar (although it is PR6).  The entire link coding looks somewhat
unusual which makes me wonder if I am getting any benefit at all from this
kind of link.  So I contacted the webmaster of the linking site.  He wrote

"Your information is incorrect. Please do a search for the backlinks to your
site in Google:
You will see >> List of Translation Agencies << at my site as one of the
backlinks. The fact that Google counts the backlink indicates that it also
passes on PR. The code used to link to your site may seem a little complex
at first sight, but it was designed with the purpose to pass on PR. It's a
little tricky, I know. I am using a redirect to count clicks on my links.
However, the redirect is JavaScript based and there is ALSO a plain http
reference that is read by visitors that don't read JavaScript, i.e. the
search engine spiders."

I would appreciate your opinion on this.  Is this linking technique
acceptable?  Do I gain anything from this kind of linking to my site?

Thanks! -- Mark

Re: Is this linking technique acceptable?

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yep thats valid from a seo point of view - looks like one of my scripts i ke
ep throwing back at link requestors who dont give valid links.

remember the google bot doesnt use a mouse so as long as the 'vanilla' link
points to thats ok.


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