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Apologies if I'm misunderstanding, but you don't need to look at the
sites for reasons why paid-for listings are top of paid-for results;
they'll have nominated their keywords, and will always come above any
non-paid-for sites for those keywords.

That's how those searches work, and why Google remains favorite of all
honest searchers.

It may be worth your while complaining that they are using your name
with no justification - but, even if you have registered your name as
a trade mark, I would not expect them to care.

And if you have not registered the name, then you have no (legal) case
at all.

It doesnt matter that you were an MSN Pik and they used your content
to build their directory all these years. For them $29 is the bottom
line as the people speaking to Congress say

A paid listing probably will fix it. It stinks. But I think that's
 the way it is

Hi Im Keith Ashton from and at

1.The First question is can I post you a us bank cheque. in us funds
 I do not have a card.  have limited 5% vision
I am a senior blind pensioner
And to what address  ??

2.  Its about MSN and somethng done by Inktomi for money
not content and truth A few weeks ago

So even an MSN pick means nothing if a few bucks are concerned ?
We are all loyal creations of his browser and I dont think
 Mr Gates would approve of Selling his own children for money

If you do a search for the word aussieseek  ( my company and web name)
It used to come straight up in results in msn and metacawler etc
 as an MSN pick when searchng for aussieseek
and in any case I  would
 think it sould come up first as it does with google and evey other
 searh engine in the world
As it used to on msn metacrawler etc.
But not now
I cant find it any more

We get lots of other other pages and those linking to
BUT also when searching for Aussieseek on MSN inktomi
also Now three 3 other Sites come up always at the top
Number 1 always

Look About Australia - Australian Search Engines and resources
Look About Australia gives you the best Australian search results and
keyword bidding.
The above is not me. It used to be my domain. I let  it expire so this
guy got
 it and put in a search engine using my name.As Id done for many years
His Luck and of course it should come up when doing a search for
but how come his lookabout tops the list when someone does a serarh
 for the word aussieseek  ?

 It never used to
 No mention of Aussieeek in his Meta
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???????????  Likewse No mention of Aussieeek in the Meta
Number 3 Always

Australia Australian Aussie world Search Engines engine AussieSeek au
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A Turkish guy hijacked our domain and redirects traffic via it
and then the search goes to every other site but the home  page
of which was removed for money

All those who know say that meta tags will not fix it and only a paid
Listing with MSN will
Can You Help  ????

I Think this is the url


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Sorry to ask stupid questions, but what is this and where's it come from?

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