Is there software for managing keywords in Google's Adgroups?

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I am trying to manage a campaign on Google which consists of about 90
Adgroups and am having real problems ensuring that

1. I don't end up with duplicate keywords in different Adgroups. For
example, if I have an Adgroup called "London Prices" I might have the
keywords "car prices london" in it. I might also have a group called
"UK Prices" and it is possible the same keyword may get put in there
as well.

2. I don't miss opportunities by not adding new keyword variations to
other groups. For example if think of a new angle on pricing I might
add the keyword "fiesta prices london" to the "London Prices" group
and it would be good if I were to add "fiesta prices UK" to the "UK
Prices" group.

I have about 6000 keywords in total so you can see this gets messy.
Can anyone recommend a package which will handle this complexity for
me and update Google with change automatically please?


Pete Bennett

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