is there any other tool similar to thunder(xunlei in chinese)?

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is there any other tool similar to thunder?
Thunder(in chinese xunlei) is a download tools, it downloads files
very quickly. Xunlei uses a multiple threads technique to download
files, usually five threads at the same time. Moreover, it has a
online resources seach function which is very awesome. This feature
allows you to search software, video clips, e-books, music etc which
scatter all over the internet. As you know, this is a difficult task
for general search engines because this files are usually much larger
than a web page therefore consume a large bandwith. Usually a general
search engine can't bear this pain.
However, xunlei can do this in a much more easy way. Xunlei is very
popular in China. Whenever it comes to download a file, people always
use xunlei. Actually the utility people use is a xunlei client. Xunlei
client sends information simultaneously to xunlei server every time
people download a file. This information includes the URL,the title of
the web page and the volume of this file. Xunlei stores all these
information and therefore can provide a great online resources search
But xunlei is only popular in China, not around the globe.
p.s. This is not an advertisement.

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