Is it worth submitting?

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I've heard that if you submit to search engines then it can take
months before a site is indexed. Likewise, if you do nothing,
the SEs will eventually find your site anyway and enter it
automatically but this too can take months.

I'm not speaking here of getting a high ranking nor of any
special urgency but just what, generally speaking, is the
difference in time, if any, between submitting and not.

Re:Is it worth submitting?

Get a link on a frequently-spidered page and you'll have no worries :)
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Re: Is it worth submitting?

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It could take forever to get listed if you never submit... you will
effectivly be waiting for the spider to find a site that links to your site
some way or other.  You might think that there are no sites that link to you
and therefore you will never be picked up, but there are always some sites
that link to you, whether you want any or not.

It only takes a few minutes to submit to a couple of search engines... you
dont' need to compile a list of 1000 search engines and then submit to each
one... if you do a few of the big ones you will eventually end up in most of
them... or if you can get a big site to link to your site, that can work too
(ie: going on something like CNN or ESPN and commenting on a story and then
including a link to your site at the bottom under your signature...)

Re: Is it worth submitting?

Agreed with - build quality links to your site
and you'll get listed, often more quickly than submitting. Search
engine spiders will list your site when they find you through links
and they'll also drop you when they can't find through links.

Case in point - I launched a new website last Monday and was listed on
Google by Wednesday...just from incoming links. However, my timing was
perfect with Google updating and all. Still, no submission was

Here's the info on submission from Google:

& quote:

"The best way to ensure Google finds your site is for your page to be
linked from lots of pages on other sites. Google's robots jump from
page to page on the Web via hyperlinks, so the more sites that link to
you, the more likely it is that we'll find you quickly."


Re: Is it worth submitting?

I saw many SEO companies offer the services to submit your site to
SEs. The way they charge are based on one-time deal, or once every
month for several month or year. Do you think, do you need to submit
your site every month?

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