Is Google the best of all times?

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Hi all,
Do you think that google is the best search engine of all times and
it's impossible to be created some new one,better?
Do you know that google only lists 30% from the pages in the whole
internet (the rest unlisted in google pages are known as the "invisible
web" ...check wikipedia about that term).


Re: Is Google the best of all times?

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There was once a theory that if you have enough chimpanzees could
write Shakespear's work.

Goole heard this and employed a few. Thing was, the theory was wrong
and now google is broken.

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If the last few weeks are anything to go by, then it is probably
around 3% now :o

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Re: Is Google the best of all times?

Well,indeed I think Google failed because they hired a few
monkeys...;)) but how about
3000 monkeys writing poems 24/7;)) ...yeah I am sure tommorow I will
wake up,try to access and then will see this: "Sorry,we
moved,visit our new page:"

;),best wishes

Re: Is Google the best of all times?

The answer is yes and no. 5 years ago Google was the best search engine
of all time but Google is not really Google anymore. Google is now
Google on Steroids. They should re-name themselevs that 'Google On
Steroids' Search. But this happens whenever a business becomes too big
for its own good. Take Starbucks coffee for example. Back in the late
80's early 90's their coffee was fantastic but since they too got into
Steroids their coffee has become pretty mediochre. Mega Big is not good.
As far as any other search engine being as good or close to being as
good as Google used to be years ago my vote would go for AltaVista in
its hey day around the mid to later 90's. I do find Yahoo really
improving though this past year. If yahoo keeps going in the same
direction and google keeps going in the same direction they'll pass each
other on the way up and down the ladder. I have to lastly add this
latest algo that google has been running is the most bizarre algo I've
ever seen any search engine run in the 15 years I've been on the net. I
guess being on Steroids jellifies the brain and the bot.

Re: Is Google the best of all times?

If your waiting to get listed on on Google,
Don't hold your breath, google uses their so called PageRank and it is

I will explain, they think if you have alot of important sites pointing
to you then
your important to list, the fact is google will soon lose out on their
as more people find out what I have in the past few months.

I Wrote a php script on my site to store IP's and who refered
them,(where they came from.)

I get 100's of hits a day and 2 to 1 of those come from google. This
means most people are better off using a different search engine that
will give them more on their listings.

Googles PageRank is limiting the wide range of other sites who may have
that people need, or are searching for, but google is to selective, so
what you see
on gooles listings is only the so called bigboys.

So if you have just opened a site, and you have good content for your
visitors, and
you really do, people using google will never know about you for along
time upto
a year.

As it takes along time in campainging all over the web trying to get
other sites to link
back to you so you will get points from their PageRank system.

Your better off listing yourself on other serch engines. and other
people will in due time
find out they will find more on other search engines. the so called
PageRank system
does not work when it comes to provideing a WIDE selection, it's more
like sucking a
Thick malt with a thin straw.

My database on my site proves this, I am getting 99.9% hits from other
seach engines.

Do the test yourself.


Re: Is Google the best of all times?

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To which we say, resoundingly, we knew this already! I call it The
Google Mountain, people that have climbed it before you have taken up
all the room at the top and you can't ever get there - they were there
first and that's it. If they optimised for a term before you they are
regarded as being better than you simply on the basis of being first.
They aren't better, necessarily, they're firster, to coin a term. In
the Google algos, firster always better, at least for a time.
What you have to do is discover terms people are searching for that
haven't been optimised for yet, get there first, build your own

BB (curiouser)

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