Is Google Blogging Itself Out Of Business?

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Anyone notice all the blog sites showing up inappropriately the past few
months? There have also been a lot of spam sites, especially ones from
one adult webmaster who has 1000 url directs to his image gallery site
but that's another story. Google who owns now is really
pushing it and giving a totally exagerated high pr to many blog sites.
Most blogs are totally boring and look like kids did them. Some however
are quite good. But on the whole I really don't like the direction
google and other web moguls are taking for the internet with these
blogs. For one thing I hate pages that scroll and scroll and scroll. I
also hate pages that are jammed full of links. Some links are great but
a whole page full of them you can keep. Do you think the internet
puiblic at large will go for blogmania or do you think this could be
google's downfall? I could be wrong and I usually am when it comes to
fad type things like blogs right now but I think Google will fall if it
keeps pushing the blog craze down everyone's throats and I think yahoo
and aol will join them if they ride on google's coattails with it. What
does everyone else around here think about this? I hope I'm not alone in
my thinking because if the internet goes to blos for everything I'll
have go back to watching tv and renting movies which is boring but at
least not as boring as blogs are to me.

Re: Is Google Blogging Itself Out Of Business?

JZM wrote:

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Define "inappropriate" in this context, and provide an example of where you
think a blog site is inappropriately placed.

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