Is Branding Important in SEO ?

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Plz Post ur view on this topic.

I personally feel that Branding is not that important because if a user
can think of a Brand then he will search for that branded-product. We
will never browse and compare it with different product of its kind.

Whereas on search engine people goes for normal search for the product,
they campare it with different products of its kind and then reach to
the decision.
But I don't totally disagree that Branding is not important.


Re: Is Branding Important in SEO ?

On 17 Jul 2005 22:18:30 -0700, "cordial_camaraderie"

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People look for generic first, then brand. So they'll search for
washing machine rather than search for a brand and then washing

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Re: Is Branding Important in SEO ?

cordial_camaraderie wrote:
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I think this is a real non-starter. SEO is a small, closed set of
activities (mostly related to /Google/), whereas Branding (the act of
creating and maintaining a brand, it's meaning and awareness) is a huge,
business wide set, that goes from how telephones are answered in a
company, right through to defining its corporate identity.

If anything SEO should be seen as serving the branding activity, not the
other way around.


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