IP Address Craze Seems to Have Started

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I was until recently receiving 2 links from SomeSite -- each link going to 2
separate websites of mine, both returning a link back to SomeSite.  My 2
websites are hosted at the same IP address.  The owner of SomeSite has just
discontinued one of my links saying "we do not accept links from same IP

I also have some other indications that a red flag might be raised by a
search engine (--G-- of course) when the same IP address is involved in link
exchanges.  This seems to be a new trend as a result of the recent (still
continuing) G-update.

I have 4 different domains hosted with the same host, with the same IP
address, and am very happy with the their service.  Shall I now start
looking for new hosting services just to obtain new (separate) IP
addresses?..  How reasonable (real) is this idea in general?.. -- Thanks,

Re: IP Address Craze Seems to Have Started

On Sun, 06 Nov 2005 14:22:18 GMT, "John Cluster"

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I have loads of sites on a handful of IPs that link to one another,
some of my sites only have links from other sites of mine, yet they do
well. This IP thing is taken way out of context, there is no evidence
it causes a problem, certainly not an automated filter or anything
like that.

Think about there are thousands of sites on some IPs, there can't be
an automated penalty/filter as it would hit sites that aren't doing
anything wrong.

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Re: IP Address Craze Seems to Have Started

P.S.  What about the same domain registrar -- same craze?...... Thx, John.

Re: IP Address Craze Seems to Have Started

John Cluster wrote:
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I think none of these things in isolation will be a red flat. Look at
some registrars like Melbourne, they probably do a high percentage of
sites on the Internet. As David suggests, same IP, same registrar,
certain link pattern and perhaps a whole host of other bad behaviour may
mean those links are discounted. People love to sieze on just one silver
bullet when the reality is much more complex.

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