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Can anyone help with this question I have been pondering for a while?

A friend has 5 or 6 sites which are interwoven and have apparently been
SEOptimised.  He has a lot of links between them (I'm not sure how many but
each one probably refers to each of the others, possibly numerous times).

Now, it's been suggested to him that this will cause a problem (and Google
was mentioned) in SE rankings because when Google sees this it will consider
them as all one site and actually degrade each site's ranking as a result.

Is there any truth in this idea?  If so, anyone got a cure?

Not sure if this is worth fretting over or not, any advice gratefully


Re: Interwoven sites

I have
which is connected to
etc etc  - They do not seem to be penalized at all by Google - but of course
they are all based on one major theme ( Italy )
therefore I see the all  connections legal -

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Re: Interwoven sites

Bobcat wrote:
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It probably isn't worth fretting over, so long as the sites have some incoming
links that aren't part of the network. If some of the sites are listed in DMOZ,
for example, there should be no problem.

There is known to be a penalty for excessive crosslinking. If you have ten
sites and they all link to each other, with no, or hardly any other inbound
links then it's likely to trip some filters. But think how many sites on niche
subjects might legitimately have links mainly in a small circle. If the link
structure of your friend's site is one that might occur naturally were there no
Google, there should be no problem.

Alice Woolley /
Inside the Bubble - autism information

Re: Interwoven sites

As long as the text is unique on each site your ok. Google loves unique
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there no

Re: Interwoven sites

Thankyou all for your opinions, you seem to be pretty much of one mind!

I'll pass it on


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