interpreting alexa/google rank?

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Hi, there I run a medium traffic site with lots of visibility in the

My editor and I are thinking of forming a partnership with another

However, we're trying to figure out the relative reach of their

My editor  is very impressed by Alexa rankings, on which they rank
high (about 12,000 compared to our ranking of 100,000).

On google toolbar pagerank, their home page ranks about 6/10 (which is
the same as ours).

From inspecting it, we have oodles more content and more value, but I
can't figure out why Alexa ratings for this potential partner   are so

What metrics should I be paying attention to when trying to sell ads?
(something we are starting to do).

What metrics can we use to ascertain the prominence of a site on the
web (without having access to google analytics, server logs ,etc).

For example, what would Federated Media be impressed by?

Robert Nagle


Robert Nagle

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