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I setup my site about a month ago. Google Adsense is giving me about a
dollar a day ( see below ) , from about 4 different sites , one of
which contributes the most.. its a niche market, wont get into details
( its not por*n!) but I'm beginning to think that waiting to make any
money from Internet Marketing is definitely some to compare to watching
your compost "decompose" , your paint dry , kettle boil.. I think you
understand the analogy.

I'm getting swamped reading all there is to read out there on the web
about Internet Marketing.. One needs to step back and have a look at
the basics.. If you try and compete with full fledged professional
SEO's .. it'll make you cry a to speak...

Someone a month out the big bad world will just turn around again...But
my basic goals for my first month were:

Submit the site to search engines , get listed in MSN , Yahoo ,
Altavista , Alltheweb , Exactseek

Get into Google( Obviously not a very intelligent statement - but
thought it warranted a line of its own)

Achieve a Google Pagerank of 3 or above ( Another site that I did about
a days work got a PR of 4 after a few months.. - D'oh I've let slip which site was the
niche.. Its a web site for a Gay Bar in Ireland...And in fine fettle ,
those guys and gals are my best clickers... That's a little hidden tip
I've learned... Hence why I'm trying to dream up other niche areas to
stick websites and obviously something I can write about , blog to

Try and get higher in Alexa Rankings ( didn't have a clue how to swing
this one..)

Get lots of Links ( check via Link Popularity Scripts )

Hope my site gets indexed all around the web

Make a few cents on Adsense... or in fact anything that id signed up to
.. Amazon , Clickbank , Commision Junction etc ...
So ... of all the above , a few of my "goals" were realised and
achieved without scoring own goals :-)

My site got submitted to MSN , Yahoo , Altavista , Alltheweb ,
Exactseek, now don't get me wrong.. the way I see it is that you don't
have to do much to get into these.. No offence intended.. and on the
other hand.. isn't it just as well.. If they were all as painful as
Google.. we'd have a lot of unhappy webmasters out there....

I was "crawled" by a wee little fellow by the name of Googlebot... I
picture him like a kind of ET meets "The Littlest Hobo" meets Highway
to Heaven ( God Bless Michael Langdon , I loved that curly hair..) and
I would imagine Googlebot is the kind of guy that sits at the bar
alone... And goes home to surf P*rn... in any case.....( sorry I'm
ranting as usual )
Googlebot visited me early on in's little life.. but
it was 22nd April ( 3 weeks later ) that I actually got indexed..
Imagine my delight...Yea...

I have no PageRank yet.. I believe I've seen a date of July 7th before
the Google PR is updated...This is another thing I could rant about for
a while...But will save you the pain for now..
Just an FYI - the StranosBar website ( with no SEO work ) got a PR4
over a period of 3-4 mths.. so there's hope yet..

I found a site called Now don't get me wrong... I don't
condone autosurf sites but I couldn't think of one single way to
improve Alexa Ratings otherwise..My rating went from over 5 million ( 1
wk average ) to 280K 1 Wk Average... But the 3 mth rate didn't change
too much.. Suppose I have to wait 3 mths... oh the pain

Getting links around the web was interesting , if not bordering on the
downright addictive...I kept an excel sheet to keep an eye on this -
here's how it panned out...(Date and Number of Links)

09/04/2006 0
12/04/2006 7
13/04/2006 6
18/04/2006 7
19/04/2006 10
20/04/2006 14
21/04/2006 14
22/04/2006 14
23/04/2006 20
24/04/2006 32
25/04/2006 38
25/04/2006 39
26/04/2006 65
26/04/2006 89
26/04/2006 134
27/04/2006 346
28/04/2006 403
28/04/2006 1355
01/05/2006 2251

So how did I do it..( As if its a World Class Achievement.. it is for
me :-> ) in 4 easy steps which I'll stretch out in articles on soon

1. Submit to the main Search Engines MANUALLY ! ( I wasted hours on the
"FREE WEBSITE SUBMISSION".. Don't bother....
2. Search for your main point of Interest , then take that site and see
how many links and who links to that site... ,then submit to those
sites..(The Majority I submitted to were blogs.. I didn't spam , I just
commented with slight Intelligence.) *BUT* of course , the majority -
when you check the source have a "NOFOLLOW" tag.. so wont gain you any
points for PageRank but more links are all good!
3. Write an article , Articles ( from what I've seen ) filter around
the web , they're "sucked" from the site you submit them to , or else
they submit them to other sites.. I'm not the 100%
4. Post to Newsgroups ( via Google Groups is easiest..) again with
intelligent submissions relevant to the area you're in... And it'll get
you links.. again no improvement in PageRank..

Here I am off on a tangent again... Where was I , My Goals..

Using "Search Engine Saturation" scripts , I've now 195 pages indexed
around the web... so far so good!

Making money with adsense... Did I mention a dollar a day , I probably
lied I've made over $7 ( seven ) in the last 3 weeks.... But I'm
getting there!

Ok , so I hope after reading this that you don't go crasy ( misspelt
for a effect ) but be patient... A watch compost heap never
decomposes... or whatever...

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, learn while we're learning!

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