Internet Marketing for the Blind - A Rant!

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Yes , Ive dived into the deep end of Internet marketing. Well I think I
It makes me angry to see all the cr*p websites out there trying to sell
you hens teeth.

I had the notion one day that I would try and promote a site , any
site... Get it up on the web and see where it would go...

Well its getting there.. Im trying not to spend any money ( apart from
hosting ) and perhaps , maybe perhaps and possibly , I might make some
$$$ at it.

Ive signed up for Google Adsense and any number of "FREE" Search Engine
Submission sites..

Im learning all at PR ( not the 90's idea of PR obviously.... Yaw! Mawn
!) and how many websites get Higher in Googles Rank , and how some
people would kill their own pet Labrador to get up higher and all about
SEO and Scraper Sites and Links and Link and Links and more
links.....And then some more Links....

Ive setup a site called Sparks Flying.. and
I want people to "Catch that Spark while it flys".... ( Its all I could
think of... !)

Im trying to see if I can drive some people ( I might hire a big bus
and get people there..) to the site using various methods...

Thinking that paying $10 for 10,000 visitors of traffic a few weeks ago
was the best thing since sliced bread has since left a tang of disdain
in my mouth... I mean HELLO? What was I thinking.. Ive found lots of
sites that let you sign up and run a web page in the background.. but
really.. its not doing you any favours..

In fact I found out through distance learning ( me reclined back in my
chair in shock) that Google Adsense makes some form of calculation for
CPC ( Cost per click i believe? - correct me if im wrong please!). Lets
do it like at school:

If I have 1 visitor and 1 Click - Good
if I have 10 visitors and 5 clicks - Better if I have 100 visitors and
2 clicks - worse if I have 10000 visitors over 3 weeks and clicks like
hay rolling around a western..  Tr=E9s Mal! ( Im not french , im just
trying to get across how bad it is..)

So these sites offering traffic ( unless they can prove they have
someone interested in your site and not sitting there with lots of
browsers open caring less ) are actually quite useless ( Unless you can
convince me otherwise!)

Right , Im off to see if Ive made my first million , I'll be in touch..

Feel free to visit us anytime - You might need to knock hard on the
door :-)

For Sparks Flying -

Mr Sparks!

p=2Es. Im not a case for the Internet Insane... but im getting there!

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