Internet censorship December 9, 2005

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You mean like this ?

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Re: Internet censorship December 9, 2005

a. You’re a couple days late on your subject line.  Today is the twelfth, or
maybe the thirteenth, depending on where you live, unless you live on the Moon,
which you might?

b. When you “yell” by using a bunch of all-caps, you look like an amateur, which
by default makes you one.

c. The ‘Patriot Act’ is the best thing that ever happened to America.  That's why
it's been extended by Congress with little opposition from your left-o-krats in
Washington, D.C.

d. Barring possible terrorist communications, copyright infringements, etc., the
only deliberate “censorship” happening on the American Internet is on moderated
sites, or discussion groups and the like.  The rest is strictly in your head.

e. Google is a massive search engine that’s continually undergoing technological
evolution and constant testing.  It doesn’t always work when you think it should.  
Even harsh critics of Google’s technical problems have admitted that Google has
fixed them, or at least tried to fix them.  So try suing Google, and see who wins.

f. Remove your tin-foil hat before spreading your wild conspiracy theories on
these discussion groups.

Over and out,
Censorship Command HQ
Area 51, NV

Re: Internet censorship December 9, 2005

Did you know that AOL is even blocking email that comes from Google
That, after Google invests a billion dollars in AOL.
My email to AOL just got blocked. Read about it here:

Someone said to me:
++ AOL blocks almost all e-mail.
++ By default, the AOL user settings will only allow e-mail from
++ addresses in the recipients address book. I have
++ found that most AOL users are new to the net and have
++ no idea what settings are in there.

But here, AOL has gone a step further. Their mail handlers stop ALL
email from my domain, and from my Google Gmail account, no matter
what settings the user may have.

They return my email with an error code of:

Error RLY:B2
This error message indicates that a block has been placed against your
IP address because we have received numerous complaints concerning mail
coming from that IP address.

Which isn't true. I have never ever sent offensive email or spam to
anyone there. It's just that somebody doesn't like my web site, which
the error code from Gmail reveals. All Gmail is returned with an
error code of:

Error 554 HVU:B1
There is at least one URL in your email that is generating substantial
complaints from AOL members.

I investigated, and used Google to search for "AOL censorship" and
found out that it is old news -- that AOL has a very long history of
heavy-handed censorship. Two or three people saying that they
don't like your web site and are "offended" by the content is enough
to get you banned.

Well that is certainly true in my case. I tell the truth about cults,
so I get a lot of hate mail. Probably half a dozen cult members

Oh well, have a good day anyway.

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** a wonderful noble act of self-sacrifice to help others;
** it is the reprehensible behavior of a damned fool.

Re: Internet censorship December 9, 2005

TechSpot.Com reports:

Google's recent deal to buy a 5 per cent stake in AOL for $1 billion
could help it sidestep the litigation. Under the terms of the AOL deal,
Google Talk users will be able to talk to users of AOL?otalTalkl
system. Analysts noted that Google may also be able to licence AOL
VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology.

It looks like somebody forgot to tell AOL that they are supposed to
communicate with Google.

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