internal links to different customers ?

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I have a website at and in fact my only appearance
in google is which comes second on keyword

what I am doing now, is setting up customers websites in
subdirectories, such as and and I have about 15 of these to do

I am planning on linking to all the customers websites at the bottom
of each page, so there will be 15 links to 15 different directories

this works for me in one way in the fact that surfers stay in the web
and visit, on average, 2 of my customers each time they visit my home

what I want to know, is, will this have any effect on my PR with
google ? and will google start registering my customers websites
because they all have different titles ?
also, the customer's leader page in the subdirectory,
has a link out to the customer's main website, so does this improve PR
or positioning ?

I am only new to SEO over the past week, as I accidentally got my
sites to the top of the main search engines on my company names as a
keyword, but now, I have caught the bug...
and I am enjoying reading the posts in this NG...

Thanks in advance for any info...

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