Internal Links and distribution of PR

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One of my homepages has a PR of 4 ( and most pages
down from that had a PR of 2 or 3.
I have just re-structured my site to use PHP.  This has meant changing most
of my html pages to php pages.

Before the change to using PHP, All my internal links from my homepage
specified the entire URL, including the extention (ie )
Now that I'm using PHP, most of my pages have changed to have an extention
of .php (ie ), and my PR has gone
to 0 on those pages.  OK, That I can understand.  Technically they are no
longer the same pages (the full refering URL is different).

What I want to know is this.
I have now specify my internal links from my homepage without the extention
(ie ), when the PR is restored (next
PR update I presume) will this result in PR being effectivly allocated to
any extention if the requested (or refering) URL does not specify an
extention? (ie ).

Or, to put it another way, can PR be allocated to a URL without an
extention?  (ie ).

Thanks...  Philip Middleton.

Re: Internal Links and distribution of PR

As I understand it, PR can only be allocated to specific pages. If you
have links such as then any PR
value to be distributed from the linking page will go to whichever page
is displayed by that URL. This will normally be something like
index.html, default.php etc.

Presumably you have set something up to define what file is used in
such cases (index.html is the default, but this can be changed to
whatever you like).


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