internal link structure critique needed

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I've been reading all over the web about internal link structure.  I am
still a bit fuzzy on how to proceede.

Could someone please give this layout a look over and let me know if I
am on the right track?

The layout below has all of the items with a single dash '-' on the
home page.

Then each of the sub pages are link'd to each 'parent page'

ie... the Trilogy page would have links to product1, product2, product3
and a link to the home page and a site map.

Is this layout correct?

 - -Trilogy
   - - -product 1
   - - -product 2
   - - -product 3

 - - Electronic Systems
   - - -product 1
   - - -product 2
   - - -product 3

   - - -EMS
   - - -Education Solutions
   - - -Industry Solutions
   - - -Command & Control Solutions

-contact us

-customer support

 - - Build a system
 - - Build a system

Many Thanks all!

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