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Welcome to RankPulse! We track the Google search-rankings of 1,000
keywords; access to our results is completely free via our numerous
and informative charts. Since search rankings are tweaked frequently,
our database is updated daily, so please revisit us often. On this
page, we have provided many ways for you to access our charts and
data, so the best way to learn about this site is to start exploring.
For additional information please visit our FAQ page.


RankPulse tracks the 1,000 keywords listed in the table above. The
Rank Activity Score represents the number of positions websites have
moved in the top ten for the given keyword. For example, if the site
in the first and third positions swapped places in a search for a
particular keyword, the Rank Activity Score would be four (one site
moved down two positions and the other moved up two positions, and
2+2=4). Note that the Rank Activity Score is based on movement in the
last 24 hours. The maximum possible score is 110, which would mean
that all sites in the top ten were replaced with new sites. The
remaining column headings should be self-explanatory.


http://www.adsensecharts.com /

Creating FREE AdSense Charts is easy...
Simply login to your AdSense Reports page
select the data you would like to analyze
ctrl-A - 'select-all' to highlight the entire AdSense page
ctrl-C - 'copy' the highlighted AdSense data
ctrl-V - 'paste' your data into the box below

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