Intense overwhelming maddening frustration with Google

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When Google works, it is awesome.  When it doesn't work, it is completely
maddening.  The black box accepts no criticism and accepts no
responsibility.  There is no input; Google is an output only device.

This is the second time this has happened to .
I "fixed" it last time by using Google's Automatic Removal Tool and
completely removing from the database.  It took
a long time to get back into the database -- and it appears the problem
wasn't _really_ resolved by that measure.

I am 100% certain that no on-page factor is causing this screw-up, because and
share the same page design.

In addition, the external links to each page are almost identical. has only a few unique links which are different from the
other sites.

It seems most likely to me that the database record at Google for is corrupt -- and it is becoming increasingly
clear that it is going to STAY corrupt.


My message to

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 22:29:49 -0600


Before the last PR and Backlink update, had a
PR of 3.

In the last PR update, gained a PR of 5 due to
a backlink count of 324.

Today is a PR0 and shows 0 backlinks.

Has been penalized?

Please help me to understand what is happening here.

Thank you,

Will Spencer

Google's Response

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 7:01 PM
To: Will Spencer
Subject: Re: [#9227290]

Hi Will,

Thank you for your note. We understand your concern about the Google link
search results for your site. Please be assured that your site is not
currently penalized by Google. Our link search does not currently return a
comprehensive set of results. The results show a sample of the links that
point to your page, but this list is in no way indicative of the link
structure utilized by Google to formulate a page's PageRank.  

To obtain a more comprehensive list of the links that point to your page,
you might try performing a Google search on your URL. From the result
page, select the "Find web pages that contain the term" link and Google
will provide you with a list of web pages that mention your address.

We hope the information we have provided above is helpful to you. If this
response did not adequately resolve your question, we hope that you will
visit the webmaster section of our site at . In an effort to better address your
needs, we've dedicated this entire section of our website to answering
common webmaster questions, providing website design and content
guidelines, listing Google's quality requirements and recommendations, and
much more.

Of course, we cannot anticipate and answer everyone's questions on our
website. Realizing this, we have also created a Google discussion group on
Google Groups where Google users and webmasters can connect to share their
vast knowledge and experience. You can access this group at . If you
have already checked the webmaster section of our website and haven't
found an answer, we encourage you to post your question to the Google
Support group.

The Google Team

My Response to Google

Google Team:

I believe you completely missed the point of my message.

While "Our link search does not currently return a comprehensive set of
results" could *theoretically* be stretched to mean "We just happen to be
not displaying all 324 links to your site" -- this in no way answers the
main point of my query -- which is that the site suddenly went from PR5 to

This is costing me real dollars in lost revenue.  This is also costing
Google AdWords/AdSense real dollars in lost revenue.

Please do not respond with another form letter without actually reading my
message to you.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


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