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There have been a lot of new search engines entering the fray lately,
and I haven't honestly been able to keep track of them all.  I'm
looking for innovative search engines-- anything that brings new stuff
to the table.  Google brings new stuff to the table all the time, but
I'd love to see an honest competitor, especially with respect to the
accuracy/relevance of the web search.  So, anyone have any tips?

Re: Innovative Search Engines

Go to and join for free. You can sign up for 10 tier
two search engines and manage them all in one place. The best part is
you only need to put a $50 min deposit to be on all search engines.
Usually these search engines require a $50 initial deposit Their
partner engines are,,,,,,,, (formerly findwhat), and They
say they will have kanoodle within the month.

Re: Innovative Search Engines

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Twaddle and spam.

There are three search engines; Google, MSN and Yahoo.
If you are seriously desperate, add Ask.

Anyone who tries to charge money to be listed is a con man.
Any professional who mentions innovative search engines should likely be


Because it simply does not matter how innovative a search engine is; all
that matters to webmasters is how many people are using it.

Granted, if no-one talks about them, they never will be - but that's *their
problem*, not webmasters'

Listying in SEs is FREE and never needs application - get a few links,
preferably starting with quality directories, and you are in the ones that
Andrew Heenan
Editor /
Directory of Quality Directories
"I Don't Know A Lot - But I Know Spam When I See It"

Re: Innovative Search Engines

I do not understand your post. These tier two CPC (cost per click)
search engines. They problalby get about 10% of the cpc searched that
are made. What does it make it a lot easier to test
these smaller engines. There is no "con" here. Just good old American
enginuty. If you want cheap CPC traffic this is a great way to get it.

Re: Innovative Search Engines

Yeah, that's sort of what I thought was going on.  It's really too bad,
though.  I remember seeing something that was based on flash and would
organize your results in an innovative way for you, that was cool, but
I forget the name at the moment.  

Any word on what Teoma is doing?

Re: Innovative Search Engines

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It no longer exists as such, it's part of the ask engine now. But you
can try /


--       Gifty! Shiny! BB!  

Re: Innovative Search Engines

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"Honesty" and "Search Engines" are two things that don't really go well

But I do have some thoughts regarding your question. A good competitor could
come along someday, they always seem to show up, eventually. A new
competitor would have to be innovative to a stellar degree and have
unmatched business clout. At this time, the only logical way to displace
Google would be for others major search engines to gang up. They do this


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