Inktomi or Looksmart?

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I've been reading many back logs on posts submitted about getting listed on

I think MSN could generate a large amount of hits, not just because it's
MSN, but also seeing as non-computer literate people who type in their
seaches directly in their IE search bars show MSN's search results page.

Question now is, what would you recommend for a small toronto garage door
business to do in order to get listed?  Go to inktomi or looksmart?  Inktomi
seems a lot more realistic for a small sized business to increase exposure,
however how long does it take for you to show up in MSN/AOL searches using

I don't know why, but I also don't think I have to pay yahoo to list my
site, as I was #1 for a short time on both yahoo and google before I
dissappeared.  Mabye next crawl I will be back up .. one can only hope!

Thanks Again

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