Inktomi flooding certain sites with thousands of requests per day

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It seems that Inktomi has a new/experimental spider in their 74.6.
net-block that misbehaves. I get a constant 36.000 hits per day from all
over that range for about a month now to one of my sites. I blocked the
whole range on the firewall after one week of flooding, but they continue
as if nothing had happened although all their packets are dropped.
I tried to contact their network-abuse email address and the search engine
support online form, but got no reply but one which wasn't really
satisfactory (to say the least).
I have seen some other mentioning of this problem on a few forums and in
German Usenet, but no particular clues. Does anyone see the same problem
or knows how a really responsible person at Yahoo can be contacted?

Conactive Internet Services, Berlin, Germany

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