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so yahoo are going using the inktomi database, but it costs a bomb to
include your URL to inktomi. my home page is already in it, along with about
30 odd other pages from my site. if i pay te $20 to include the home page
AGAIN would inktomi be more inclined to start crawling my site more
thoroughly. ive 19, 000 pages listed on google, thanks to url rewriting,
will this ever happen on inktomi without me paying a dime???

Re: inktomi.....

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Yes, in my experience. I too have many pages in Google. New ones get
listed quickly in Google. Though I get crawled constantly by Inktomi,
it seems to take 3-6 _months_ for these pages to show up in Inktomi
and MSN results. But they do show up. I've never paid for inclusion
anywhere. Have no idea if paying for such would speed results
appearing - maybe someone else has such insight.

In fact, it is hard to get pages _out_ of Inktomi. I removed links to
a certain group of pages almost a year ago. Google dropped them almost
immediately. Yet I still get MSN hits on them long after the
fact. Sure I could 404 them but I can redirect them appropriately.


Re: inktomi.....

What would you say is an average time after Google Visits a Site, and the
Changes are reflected in a Search?

I had Visits on 12/17 for the 1st Time since I put in a Site map that works,
and the Updates reflected on 12/23

It visited again 12/25 and updated on 1/3 But I had 1 Important Page over
100K limit and it only scanned 101K of it.

I went in and broke that page up into about 70-85K over 2 Pages now and it
showed last Visit on 1/2 and 1/3
But has not reflected any Changes in those pages or others I added too.

Whats really making me wonder is it Visited 17 Times in one day recently on
1/6...which I find Odd.

I thought that at least the Changes I made on the Index.html page would be
reflected by now if I made a mistake inside the Site map - but nothing...
Any comments ?  - -or is it too early to jump the gun?

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