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Now, believe it or not, InfoSearch Media is spamming sponsored search
listings on Yahoo with double listings that redirect to client URLs.

For example if I search for "growth hormone",  I  see and listed on result page 4 of the Yahoo sponsored search
listings. Both URLs redirect to tharc(dot)com.

Another one is "b2b marketing". On page 4 of the Yahoo sponsored search
results there is listed 2 times and they both redirect
to statisticsconsult(dot)com.

I could list more, but have better things to do. It looks like at least 10%
of the listings are double dipping and all of them have
redirects to other websites. (Some of their clients are listed on their own
account and are therefore triple dipping!)

Look around and you will find more.

Have fun!

Re: InfoSearch Media - All New Spam

rubb3r wrote:
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Well that didn't last long for one of my competitors has already dropped
that campaign. Looks like many others have too.

I wonder if it had anything to do with people complainig to Yahoo! about
double dipping and the redirects? :) keeps dropping lower and lower in the listing too.

Awwww too bad Infosearch Media, maybe you can try not spamming people
and try "real" marketing techniques.

Re: InfoSearch Media - All New Spam

I know that InfoSearch Media and a number of other companies practiced
this approach, but it was a long time ago. They do not use this tactic
any longer. I looked, I checked.

As a current and happy client I can say that I was skeptical when they
first pitched me the concept of "content". Everyone says their model is
the best, but you have to trust someone sometime, right? I am happy I
did. Traffic is up, conversion rates have doubled, and I am making alot
more than I am spending.

No complaints here!

rubb3r wrote:
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