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Hi All

I am having a blog on Blogger.And the problem is it is not indexed i
I heared Google is almost indexing blogger weekly.
Please suggest me what to do get it indexed in Google.



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Re: Indexing of Blog in Google

__/ [ SpaceMarine ] on Sunday 17 September 2006 07:19 \__

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Indexing is (usually) independent of the domain. If your site has inbound
links, it will be indexed. The more, the better (quicker and more thorough).

Re: Indexing of Blog in Google

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I am afraid that's not the simple answer. I have the feeling that for the
past months my site got indexed slower, then there was a spead up, and
suddenly it's slow again. I wonder if Google just indexes (some) blogs

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Re: Indexing of Blog in Google

__/ [ John Bokma ] on Sunday 17 September 2006 16:54 \__

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Interesting observation. I have noticed that levels of crawling change in
some odd and unpredictable ways that can't be explained simply by
considering the volume in inbound links, which remain similar in terms of
volume (or pace). And let's consider the fact that crawling power
(resources) grow to cater for the expansion of the Web, so it's probably
should be attributed to competition.

for my main site, for example, the only time when, at least as far as Google
is concerned, crawling violently peaked was a couple of months ago after
most pages had been dropped (blame the spammers). I also suspect hat the
pace of crawling (and indexing) is determinded by detection of changes
(nothing new here), whether on-page or the existence of new, yet-explored
URL's. So to stimulate crawling, search engines needs to be fed at a
moderate pace rather than be given the 'entire meal' all at once. Once the
site is assumed to have matured and become static, your new pages are less
likely to be indexed immediately. I don't know if pinging services help
indexing in search engines, but they at least createtemporary inbound links
that can bring in the search engines. A lot of pinging spam exploits this
(consumes it at the expense of genuine sites).

Best wishes,


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Re: Indexing of Blog in Google

On Sun, 17 Sep 2006 01:19:56 -0500, SpaceMarine

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Get links to it. You could mention it here, in your sig. That would


Re: Indexing of Blog in Google

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You mean like this ?

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