indexed pages and data centers

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a little wisdom and knowledge please..

Google, for a year or so, had indexed over 9000 pages of my site
(, but recently it is only indexing around 100.
 when i checked to see what all of the google data centers had indexed
( /) it showed that 3/4 of the data centers were
now only indexing 100 pages and the others were still indexing over

why is there such a huge difference in the numbers from one group of
data centers to the next?

since, the lower indexing number is the "newer" number does that mean
that all of the data centers will soon be only indexing 100 pages?

does anybody have a checklist of scenarios of why this might have

The inbound links have stayed consistent, we have a google sitemap, we
have a user site map, most of the content is different on each
page...any ideas why such a drastic drop and any suggestions to pick it
back up?


Re: indexed pages and data centers

On 13 Mar 2006 12:46:29 -0800, "craig"

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It's not as uncommon as you might think, but right now Google is
upgrading the infrastructure it uses worldwide. Results are bizarre.

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Quite possibly, after which they may well quite possibly index all, or
none, or maybe 7 on a Tuesday. Wait till it settles down.

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Yup, I'd go with the upgrade scenario.

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Give it time. A lot of people are in the same position. Always
remember the web is an unstable environment, don't over-depend on it.

--       Gifty! Shiny! BB!  

Re: indexed pages and data centers

In article says...
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Nobody seems to know, outside of Google.  Some data centres get
adjustments to the ranking system, as a test, before possibly
putting the changes onto all of them.

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Maybe, but not necessarily.  I have had some data centres reduce
the number of my pages indexed, and then gradually go back up.  
While other data centres were more stable, and didn't show the
big drop.

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Google works in mysterious ways.

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