Index part of Google Sitemaps now only shows one page

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Hi All

I have about 5 different web sites and originally used ' s auto-sitemapper to create my google sitemaps.
This was OK for small sites, but got it's knickers in a twist on bigger ones
so had to filter the results to nothing more than 30 - 40 pages for it to
work properly.

Used these sitemaps with Google and when I clicked on the 'site: feature of
the Index Stats section, I found that Google listed a good chunk of these
pages (only filtered a couple because it classed them as repeats).

Wanted to created a better map so used a php-based web site (think it was
actually suggested by Google or somebody in this NG), which you could
actually download and run from your own machine if you wanted, but I ran it
from their servers and it gave me a far better return of pages (ie 500 - 600
pages) and all seems to use the same format as the previous generator.

Uploaded these new site maps and even though Google says all is OK, all I'm
getting now is an index of the default/index page when I click on the
'site:' link, when I would have expected at least more than one.

What is more weird is that when I do a Google Search for key details in
these other pages, the pages are actually coming up in the results.  Its as
if by coincidence, I uploaded new sitemaps and the 'site:' feature isn't
working properly.  Is this the case?

Or is it that my sitemap files are too big and it either takes longer for
Google to index the lot in one go before it will display any results or the
whole thing is being black-listed?

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Rgds Laphan

Re: Index part of Google Sitemaps now only shows one page


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Google can list thousands of pages as indexed one day and a handful
the next. Then a couple of days after it might list tens of thousands.
Then the next day, just one or two.
It's upgrading a lot of its hardware so results are weird for the time


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