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I have a question if anyone knows the answer?

I want to put a noindex robots meta tag on my index.html page of my
site. I don't want it indexed in google or yahoo etc anymore. My target
page for that site is an internal subdirectory page and that's the page
I care about. What worries me is since it's the index.html page of the
site I want to put a robots noindex tag on is there any chance google or
yahoo might pull my internal subdirectory target page out too with it?
The target page will not have that robots noindex tag on it only the
index.html will have it on it. This is a single page site, the target
page being the only page. In case anyone is wondering why I want the
index page pulled out of google's index it's because I have reason to
believe that the target page will get a higher pagerank if the index
page is gone. This has happened to me before with some free hosted sites
I have where I removed the index page and then the internal page went
way up in pagerank by doing this. But I've never tried this with a real
domain site and the site in question is a real domain site. I think it
should be okay but would like some second opinions before I do this.

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