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Hi All,
I've just launched a new site (about a week ago), in a small effort to
increase my adsense income. . It's been picked
up by Google and I'm already getting a small amount of traffic. The trouble
is Goggle has only spidered the index.html page. None of the other pages are
listed at all. Any ideas why this might be the case? Have I committed some
sort of SEO atrocity that I'm not aware of? Any insights greatfully

Kind Regards

A site about the Motorola E770v phone.

Re: Index Page Only?

Have you made sure it doesn't have any major syntax problems? It seems to
have some issues, but I'm not sure if they would cause the problem you are
having. In any case, I would recommend that they be fixed.

Albert Wiersch

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Re: Index Page Only?

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If you have no clue about all ins and outs of XHTML, don't use it, but use
HTML 4.01 strict. Your page doesn't validate. It's not well-formed.

I wouldn't use strong in h1, use CSS for a strong effect.

<p class="style10">&nbsp;</p>        use CSS for margins

</a><a href="project-e770v-games/project-e770v-games.html">E770v Games<br
  <br />

use CSS for spacing between things, or better, if it's a list of links,
use a *list*

As for a new site: patience. Don't push it too hard, or you might end up

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