Inbound Links v/s Back Links

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I hear the term inbound links used a lot here. What's the difference
between inbound links and back links? I always assumed they meant the
same thing? Also if people are linking to your site but you're not
linking back to them would that be considered a back link or inbound
link? I have a site like that that has 44 people who link to my site and
I don't link back to any of them. To me that's the highest type of
linking you can have for a website and probably the one google gives the
highest ranking for as far as popularity goes. Now if I can only figure
out some sort of topic or interest that many people would think is
totally cool and do a website about it so a few thousand people would
just add a link to their own sites without asking for a trade. Any body
have any ideas what topics, subjects etc would be popular ones?

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