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how do i improve my sites relationships as denoted by typing in google? i assume this is one of the
reasons why my sites not wethered the jagger update?

should i go through all backlinks and remove ones from link pages that
arent jewellery related? and should i go to the extreme to check the
keyword density of these pages? and if theyre related: to "jewellery"

ive also been emailed by a random 'SEO EXPERT' who said its because all
my anchor texts are the same phrase? - its my company name 'io silver
jewellery' sureley GG cant penalise me for this?

Re: improving related: ?

On 26 Oct 2005 01:27:32 -0700, wrote:

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We still don't know that it hasn't and I thought you were building a
new one anyway which is almost ready to deploy?

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Hell no, just hang tough for another week or so till we all feel that
things have settled down.

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Arguably but not likely. If you'd suddenly out of nowhere gotten ten
zillion of them and they were all identical then maybe.


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Re: improving related: ? wrote:

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I feel that google has started to look more at the related search. I
don't think much weight has been put on it before but I think that it
could well be a factor now. I also think that google has started to look
at the related sites in the worst possible and light instead of showing
all the good sites you might be related to is showing predominantly the bad.

I can't speculate on the anchor text similarity question but I expect
that it's a factor. If you think about it, it would show an unnatural
picture of your site's linking history and would be easy to flag it as
spammy or at best, bought or unnatural.


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