Important Google Adwords Information - Don't Be Disqualified From Google Adword!!!

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Important Google Adwords Information - Don't Be Disqualified From
Google Adword!!!

Recently I have noticed that an increasing number of my clients are
facing deactivation with google adwords. This is truly unfortunate, as
it is almost an execution sentence for marketers.

Although this is unconfirmed, my guess is that Google is eliminating
some "junk" websites from the search engine, and increase in top
position profit. For this reason, follow the following troubleshooting
guide if this happens to you.

Data Exerpt From - Ultimate Google Adword Secret, available here

Troubleshooting: My AdWords ad has been deactivated
=B7 If your AdWords ad has been rejected because of its content, make
sure that you
have adhered to the guidelines from Google AdWords. Change the text of
AdWords ad if necessary and reactivate it.
=B7 Move the deactivated AdWords ad to another Ad Group to activate it
again. If that
doesn't work, change the text of the ad a little.
=B7 You can write a friendly e-mail message to the Google AdWords Team.
who you are, which ad it concerns and try to tactfully explain why you
believe the
ad should be reactivated.
For example, I once gave up an AdWords ad for one of our software
The ad was deactivated by Google because they said that I had forgotten
identify it as an "affiliate." A friendly e-mail message in which I
explained that I
was the author of the software program was sufficient in getting the ad
back on.
=B7 If your AdWords ad has been deactivated because the clickthrough
rate has fallen
below 0.5%, then read the chapter
Troubleshooting: My clickthrough rate is too low .
=B7 If Google deactivates your ads again and again, then you should
consider giving
up the keyword concerned. It simply may not be possible to write a
AdWords ad for a certain keyword.

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