IMDb "misc" links to you - how "important"?

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I'm just wondering if anyone knows if links in the miscellaneous links
section on an actor's IMDb page are considered by popular SEs to be an
"important" link. When you submit your site, it has to be approved,
and this tends to cut down on a lot of the garbage, so I see this as
important but Lord only knows what the SEs think.

I personally love IMDb because so many people know about it and
amateurs like us with crappy sites in terms of web design but good
content in terms of pictures can submit their sites and be found. It
beats the heck out of e-mailing and e-mailing a bunch of people with
related sites who never e-mail back or who don't even know their site
still exists. NO KIDDING!! True story!! There I was....

Anyway thanks, my lovely chuckleheads! :o)
Jackie R Brooks

Re: IMDb "misc" links to you - how "important"?

I think it could not hurt to have a link in IMDB.  There is lots of
inbound and outbound links to and they have a great PR.
You should also get some direct traffic from folks searching on IMDB.

Kim Lauren
KaZaZZ! Search Engine (Jackie Brooks) wrote in message
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Re: IMDb "misc" links to you - how "important"?

Well, I was HOPING it didn't hurt! :o) Yes they do have good PR. I was
just wondering if a link from IMDb to me that I actually submitted
myself was as good as a link to me from another site with the same PR
as IMDb but that was not added by me, like a link from

Thanks for yout help :o)
Jackie R Brooks (Kimberly Lauren) wrote in message
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