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Long time no post.

I'm used to building html sites. A client wants a huge commercial site. The
initial build alone will be about 700+/- pages, with more to come on a
constant basis.

The webmeister is using php. I asked if he could create a backend gui for me
to add alt tags to all images. Each image would have an alt tag describing
it to some degree. And I already got them to rename the images to something
that makes sense ( example: fiberglass-boat.gif instead of zl3klm.gif ).

The webmeister says it is impossible to add such a gui. We already made a
gui that'll allow me to make individual titles for each page, instaed of
having no titles, or the same silly title hundreds of times.

So, afaik I have to either build the thing in static html so I can do what I
need to do, or find a way to incorporate php into parts of the html, or just
leave him be and have no alt tags.

Anyone have any input?

Thanx much in advance.


Re: image alt tags on a php site

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Fire the incompetent webmaster. Maybe he's cheap, but he is getting
expensive by being incomptent already.

How are images uploaded? Via the website? Let your programmer make the
following change:

* Use the original filename as alt tag (for example

        "Fiberglass boat that keeps you afloat.jpg")

* rename the filename on-site with the following recipe:

        - make all characters lowercase
        - replace letters with accents with their unaccented version
        - replace all characters that are nor letters nor digits with
          the '-' character (without the quotes, of course)
        - replace sequences with 2 or more '-' characters with one '-'
        - remove leading and trailing '-'
        - if there already exists a file with this name, add a sequence
          number to it.

-> fiberglass-boat-that-keeps-you-afloat.jpg

John Bokma                            

Re: image alt tags on a php site

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Seeing that you can't convince the paint-by-number designer to alter
his PHP files ( probably doesn't know how ) then that's exactly what I
would do. A few pages each day. Give each page TLC.

Re: image alt tags on a php site

Mike wibbled:

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Oh dear.

Get rid of your 'developer' - this is very easily done - as the photo
file is uploaded get him to write the photo info to the underlying
database - you can then add you're alt tags along with your page
content etc etc which will then be pulled up when the page is requested.

There's nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot

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