Idle musing on text in graphics... start a pool if you wish.

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I was just thinking about sites that use graphics to present text,
whether it be in menus or logos or whatever. The ones that know what
they're doing use alt attributes, but many folks out there don't, some
of whom are making sites that could very well be just what some
searchers are looking for.

I'm wondering which major SE (if any) will be the first to employ OCR
technology to index text presented in graphic form but lacking alt

I figure it's not worth the computational effort involved right now,
but as technology advances it should become cheaper.

I don't think it'll happen in the too near future, but will certainly
become economical by the time quantum computers become cheap enough
for home users. (As I understand it, quantum computing could make
pattern matching tasks such as OCR or database searches nearly

I think there will likely still be a call for it too. Even if CSS
becomes rich enough to style text into any look you wish, there will
still be plenty folks out there still using GIFs & such.

Like I said: just idle thoughts.


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