I would appreciate some advice

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I have just noticed that my website has been listed on Altavista; however,
only if I do a keyword search for 'shongwe lookout'. And despite  the fact
that we are the owners etc, one other site has a higher position on those
keywords. It's unlikely others will use the company names to search and it
bothers me that other relevant searches don't seem get my site 'up there'..
(I tried very hard with keywords etc when doing the site). As far as I am
aware, it's the first listing we have. But not enough - not by a long shot -
to save the business.

It's taken a long time for this to happen, to get even this small piece up
there. I'm finding the whole SEO process very confusing and would appreciate
practical advice. Wondered if anyone would mind taking a look at my site and
making suggestions about possible changes I could make.

Further, I don't particularly like the description I've got under
AltaVista... is there a way of changing that without building in long delays

Does Google 'spider' the results of other engines? i.e Will the fact that
this is there be a help getting into Google?

Thanks in advance.


Shongwe Lookout
Victoria Falls

"Such are the Victoria Falls - one of, if not the, most transcendentally
 natural phenomena on this side of Paradise" (F.C.Selous, 1881)

Re: I would appreciate some advice

Shongwe wrote:
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Your page is your own worst enemy.

these will push your content further 'up' the page
o Place the client script in an external file.
o Lose the <td>spacer</td> constructs
o Recompile your heading into 1 image

these will help the search engines learn what your page is about
o Make use of heading tags. <h1>shongwe lookout</h1>
o Arrange for other sites to link to yours using "shongwe lookout" as the
link text.

some more fundamental changes:
o There is nothing on the page that requires <table> tags for presentation -
research CSS
o The script that changes the content looks like spam to se bots - consider
alternative methods of presenting the content

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Alta vista appears to be using the description from the meta description tag
in the header for your page.  Change it to something you prefer - sit and

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I think not - certainly, I have never seen proof of such phenomena.

Beg, call in favours, employ blackmail or even cold cash - get linked from
(well spidered/indexed) sites.

William Tasso - http://WilliamTasso.com

Re: I would appreciate some advice

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and be sure to read every bit of text printed at:

it worked for me :)
(not affiliated with above site in any way)

Re: I would appreciate some advice

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Do you want people to find you using "Shongwe Lookout"? I would have thought
that many people won't have heard of it, but "Victoria Falls holidays" might be
better. Ideally you could have different pages optimised for each term, and see
what works best.

I have heard it said that travel is a very competitive area for SEO, though.

Alice Woolley
http://www.insidethebubble.co.uk /
Inside the Bubble - autism information

Re: I would appreciate some advice

I just did a lookup on both Google and AltaVista for your 'shongwe
lookout' phrase, and you are in the #1 position on both search

That's the good news. The bad news is that WordTracker shows that the
search term was only used 9 times in the last 364 million searches.

It would appear that you're focusing on the wrong problem.
Conventional wisdom also says that AltaVista isn't long for this world
anyway, so I'd be more concerned with Google than AltaVista.

According to WordTracker, Altavista gets 1.7400% of all search engine
traffic, while Google gets 35.1100% of all search engine traffic. That
translates to approx. 6 million a day for AltaVista and approx. 112
million a day for Google. A significant difference, huh?

Best regards,
Michael Murray

On Sun, 24 Aug 2003 13:14:17 +0100, "Shongwe"

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Stop fighting the "Top 30" battles, use other people's traffic!
Put your Web site on high traffic Web sites.

Re: I would appreciate some advice

Key words 'accommodation Victoria falls Zimbabwe's  are now pulling the page
into position 6, I think, on the first page (not sure if that's proper
terminology). Will that last though? The website has only just been picked
up by Google and I'm not sure if that's not too good to be true.

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shot -
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