I want to talk with Sergey Brin

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Privately and Confidentially
Please, no matter who you are, send my letter personally to Sergey
  Hello, Sergey!
I admire you! You and your friend Lawrence Page are the greatest people
on the Internet and I would also say-even in the whole world. It is
impossible for anybody to work without the use of Google. I think that
your work has left the people all over the world who use the Internet
something precious and unique.
Since I know very well what a busy man you are, I will skip all formal
and unnecessary things. In our site www.empireinternet.org we suggest
31st December to become the International Day of the Internet and to
celebrate it each year. We are making a "Virtual Path of Glory",
where we have the intention to put the names of the most remarkable
people and sites on the Internet. This project starts on 15th December
Sergey, please help and support us in our initiative! Your support will
be a noble and humane act.
I have always been guided by my intuition in my life. This is the
reason why I am asking you for help.
This is the sixth year since I have been writing my book "The
Golden-Haired Prince and the Land of Terror", where I am using
fantasy to describe the creation of the world, the truth about man,
life and love among the people and our connection to the Universe. The
main purpose of the book is to make people better and to persuade them
that the protection of the environment on Earth is vital. If the
pollution of the air and nature doesn't cease, people will die.
We are offering you to help us present our idea about the International
Day of the Internet via Google and to publish our book for the first
time in English.
I am asking you to read our offer, consider it and make sure that we
deserve your support. We share the same purposes and ideas- Ecology and
Charity are important to our Earth and every human being on it.
Sergey, the reason for me to turn to you is because I was advised so in
my dream by powers invisible for human beings. This was the kind of
advice people receive only when they are having difficulties.

Sergey, We love you and We Are asking you for your support.You have a
big heart, open to the world. We hope that you will read my letter
We have only hope , love and trust.
Happy Easter Day!
We are waiting for your answer!

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please don't post grabage like this, thank you.

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John Bokma wrote:
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What garbage?

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Re: [Reported ] (was Re: I want to talk with Sergey Brin)

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No, not garbage; grabage (pardon my French) :-D

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