I used and image that seemed to ban ALL my images from google safe search

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I have a few pages that I used as an experiment. I have a language
site and many people are searching for 'Russian girls' to date; so I
created a few pages that are about how to meet a Russian girl for
happily ever after, and of course a link to my learn Russian program.

These pages generated a lot of traffic via google image search.
However, the other day (I am sure of it) google flagged all the images
on my site as 'filtered for adult content' because one of my images
had a women breast feeding a child, and it was a little too sexy.  :)
I replaced this image.

My question is how to I get my images back on google search, for safe
normal image search.  They now only appear for unfiltered results.

http://www.claritaslux.com/russiangirls.htm here is an example of
the offending page.


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