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I notice that all the high ranked sites also have a high pagerank (4 or
higher). This wasn't the situation at all last saturday. Obviously the sites
that are older and more established are doing better now (snif).
So no more happy customers for SEO's who were able to get quick results.
Furthermore i seem to notice a drop in the rankings of sites with keywords
in the base-url.

What's the plan? Back to linking strategy and no renewal of all those
beautiful domainnames i bought especially for Google?


Re: I guess pagerank

I guess you are one of the reasons Google changed everything - you don't
need hundreds of keyword domains to make business and get good SERP's - it's
just greed related, now we all have this situation and I'm glad you also!

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Re: I guess pagerank

Who's talking about 'hundreds'of domain names? If a customer asks if i can
do some optimizing for their website and i look at the competition i have to
use one or two product-related domain names. I optimise these without
tricks, and try to find tips on this forum, every night and the first thing
when i get up..
You think it's about greed.
I think it's about a game trying to get Nr.1 and trying to make a buck in my
line of work.
I managed to get all the clients so far in the Google top 5, and that's just
what they wanted.
Google forces us in doing things. They are maybe the most powerful company
in the world at the moment and they can destroy businesses and lives.
It would have been nicer if there were more big players like Google, so we
could get traffic from them. (In the Netherlands there's only 1 big player)


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Re: I guess pagerank

Corretje wrote:
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Also, it's good to buy the good domains so that your competition can't buy
them instead

Re: I guess pagerank

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He Corretje

I found just the opposite happened to me - there are now 5 or 6 really
crappy pages above mine with no page rank in some cases, and hardly
any inbound links showing up. They're also all very new sites that
have appeared in the last month or so, and they're all domain names
based on the search terms. They're all the worst sort of sites, which
contain 99% links to other sites owned by them, and the other 1% is
affiliate links.

The only thing that seems to have pushed them up the rankings is that
they've developed a strategy of putting some 'information' on their
pages, most of which is pure bullshit. It looks like it might be an
expert site, but it's the kind of 'advice' you'd expect from your
neighbour or someone you meet at the pub.

This seems to be the big deciding factor, some people are saying that
Google is promoting sites with more text on the subject, which has the
effect of demoting those sites like catalogs or shops, which don't say
much about a subject, but are often what the user wants. If you search
for 'computer monitor' Google as of this minute is showing
'howstuffworks.com' as the first result, but I'm willing to bet that
most people typing that want to buy one, not now how it works.

There is a conspiracy theory that Google is doing this to improve sale
of its Adwords and perhaps also Froogle. If you can push the
commercial people down, then they have to pay to get the same results.

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