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They have now updated the following DC's

'bout bloody time.



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Re: HU - DC update

On Wed, 07 Jun 2006 11:07:11 -0500, Paul

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The one big thing I've noticed is that there is generally no

Some of the datacenters dont seem to move much at all, but I have
noticed out of 127million results I now appear back on page 1 at least
for my chosen search terms and my traffic has increased by about 30%
on last month (if I take out SE spiders).

There is huge variability on a day to day basis almost like the system
is updating in real time now not on it's monthly dance, it's acting
more like MSN in how it updates.

I've got a few results now since Google started re-spidering and the
pages are back in the index quickly (about 2 day lag), showing that
once it's spidered they are getting put in their and searchable almost

Before this happened the index dropped about 90% of the pages in the
index and respidered (which my ISP tell me they are confident their
"block") wouldn't have had too much an effect on. Google Sitemaps
seems happy.

Just my observations.

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