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I have been exploring the idea of using RSS feeds. I think most of the
people here are well versed in this, I am not, I am learning.

If I have a site where I write an article or two a week or create a new
page, can I open this up to be picked up by other sites as RSS. I see a
lot of software that seems to do this,that is html to rss. The purpose
would be to give my articles exposure, including links in the articles,
and increase traffic to my site.

Is this worth the effort? Is this just another fad and I should focus
on building links and pages?

How do I implement this if it is?



Re: html to rss

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One convenient way to present both an HTML version and and an RSS version is
to separate content from layout and put all content in a database. What you
probably want is a content management system that is powered by a database
and some content dynamic content generator (e.g. PHP, ASP, Python, Perl). It
has many merits, but in principle you could also take an existing Web site
and extract some summary in the form of RSS (XML schema). There are tools
for this, e.g.

bear in mind that there's an RSS 'explosion', which means that advantage
gained by distinguishing yourself is minor (compared with what it used to
be). However, more users are yet to hop on the RSS bandwagon, particularly
those who need the operating system to shower them with novelty through

Hope this helps,


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Re: html to rss wrote:

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might do what you want.

But only a small number of people use RSS is my experience. Write good
content, and get links to that content works still best for me.

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This page contains a tutorial on how to create a rss feed in rails. You
can apply the same concepts to roll your own.

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Re: html to rss

Thank you for the replies,

Now I have created my first .rss page. Its on my site (more of a test).
 It is from a page I have in html.  Now what?  How will this get picked
up? I think I must submitt it somewhere or make someone aware of it
exists to have any impact in terms of traffic?


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Do a search for Robin Good and read his stuff.


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 Try this:

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