html pages on the shopping cart site?

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Is there any solution that I can implement on an existing site that
will convert my pages of categories and products to an HTML format (ex: or /product.htm instead of having

I know that yahoo has something like that in their store builder (store
tags) and I also found one program that you need to download to your
machine and work on it there and then upload to your site... mmm.. I
don't know about that...

Is there anything else... I can see that bunch of sites using it.. but
do not really see many shopping carts offered like that.. or some other
solutions that can be used on existing site...

Any advice?

Re: html pages on the shopping cart site?

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In you can use the httpcontext.current.rewritepath("newpath") to
convert requested by the user to process internally. This way you can put links that look like
"static" pages which will process "dynamic" pages when clicked or typed in
the address bar.

You put the rewrite in Sub Application_BeginRequest in your global.asax and
look at the requested url before it is processed by I don't know if
there is a similar way to do it with asp.


Re: html pages on the shopping cart site?

On Wed, 06 Apr 2005 02:17:29 -0700, sergioschr wrote:

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We are currently doing this where I work, and I've
implemented it pretty quickly by running a spider over the site. This
leaves a few problems though and needs some manual grepping / perl.

I have heard other companies use product database dumps and rebuild
the site from there.. Sounds like too much work for me.

Take a look at Teleport:


- n

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