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Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

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You may regret those words, dave...

Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

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It's still only a search engine algorithm and so understandable.  As
I've said occasionally I'd be more than happy for SEO to get harder
since then it makes it easier to remain at the top when you get there.

I was expecting to see a few domains that had comment spammed their
way into the top 20 last month for the Lingerie SERP to get in the top
10 this month.

I'm very happy they are dropped to be below 50. And the top 10 is
again 100% relevant with mostly lingerie shops. It's difficult to
compete with comment spammers without resorting to it yourself and I'm
hoping Google worked out a way to discount this spam this month.

If Google keeps the current algo I see no reason why my SERPs would
drop significantly next month.

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Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

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Hi there.

Thats all very well but what about search engine optimization?

Your list doesn't tell us anything more than we already know, that
multiple (not so populuar) keyword searches have not been affected....

I'm not going to start listing all my number 1 postitions for my sites
there would be too many but the difference is that I did have several
of the most HIGHLY searhed keyword strings that the site has been
deranked on ... all the others (less popular) searches have not been
affected... (like yours)

The ONLY ones that have been demoted are the ones that I have an
Adword account for when the site was doing less well on those keyword
phrases... I stopped using the adwords when the site gained a number 5
and 6 position for the phrases I purchased.

So despite all the theories milling around I sill believe that no
matter how well sites are optimised going after the filtered phrases
is going to be a bummer...

However if anyone does manage to crack it be sure to get in touch.. :D

Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

On 29 Nov 2003 02:24:27 -0800, (Rosalyn)

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If you followed my posts since June you'd know I started after the
above phrase and similar phrase around then (so 5 months ago). It was
a test and for fun (just one page for the first 5 weeks ), so not
something I've devoted 100s of hours to (like I have my main site), so
not had time to build the pages I'd of liked etc.... I'm using the
same techniques on the mini site (less than 10 pages though) in the
sig as I have on my main site (over 2000 pages).

For moves forward this has been my best update.

Search Engine Optimisation  (UK spelling) current 27th up from early
40s before 16th November.

Search Engine Optimization  (US spelling) current 60th up from around
90th-100th before 16th November.

Search Engine Placement current 47th up from around 90th-100th before
16th November (was fluctuating between 50th and 75th prior to this).

SEO  current 32nd up from around 40th before 16th November and 115th
before 8th November (wasn't in top 200 prior to Oct 24th).

These are the main SEO related SERPs, other than SEO the rest are
multiple words. Take a look one Overture to see what I mean.

These SERPs won't produce much if any traffic, but they are a move in
the right direction and basically what I was hoping for. Next update
I'd hope to see top 20 (in at least 2 of them), and if I put some work
into the small site top 10s soon after that.

Had I of put 100% into this I'd be much closer to the goal, but I'm
not making any money from this, so not a priority. Also the
competition is supposedly those who also know what they are doing, so
it's not like going after standard competitive pages.

I'll be content with top 15 for all the above long term if I wasn't
going into offering SEO Services next year. As I am I won't be happy
until I'm top 5 for them all and will always strive for number 1.

This isn't to get customers wanting their sites SEOing, since I can
get customers quite easily, I've lost count the number of times people
have contacted me from my posts here and forums looking to employ my
SEO abilities (4 this week willing to pay and a few looking for free
help.). Also been offered two full time jobs as well (in house SEO
stuff, one in the US) last few months!!

Basically if I can't get a decent ranking for the mini site (which has
a lot against it) then I'm not good enough at SEO to offer paid SEO
services (I would never offer a service I can't deliver).

Back to the point as I've gone off on a tangent :-))

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Yes it does. The list above was mostly new SERPs (new this update) and
mimics what I'm seeing for many other SERPs on my main site, basically
mostly going up (hence seeing over 6000 unique visitors a day, up from
5000 odd).

My main keyword is Lingerie.

Here's the SERP for this site

  Nov 29, 2003     10  
  Nov 27, 2003     10  
  Nov 26, 2003     6  
  Nov 24, 2003     6  
  Nov 23, 2003     6  
  Nov 22, 2003     6  
  Nov 21, 2003     6  
  Nov 20, 2003     12  
  Nov 19, 2003     11  
  Nov 17, 2003     11  
  Nov 16, 2003     12  
  Nov 15, 2003     12  
  Nov 13, 2003     12  
  Nov 12, 2003     12  
  Nov 11, 2003     12  
  Nov 10, 2003     12  
  Nov 9, 2003     12  
  Nov 8, 2003     12  
  Nov 7, 2003     12  
  Nov 6, 2003     17  
  Nov 5, 2003     16  
  Nov 3, 2003     16  
  Nov 2, 2003     15  
  Nov 1, 2003     15  
  Oct 30, 2003     16  
  Oct 28, 2003     16  
  Oct 27, 2003     15  
  Oct 26, 2003     15  
  Oct 24, 2003     15  
  Oct 23, 2003     16  
  Oct 22, 2003     17  
  Oct 20, 2003     13  
  Oct 19, 2003     13  
  Oct 18, 2003     13  
  Oct 17, 2003     13  
  Oct 16, 2003     13  
  Oct 15, 2003     13  
  Oct 14, 2003     13  
  Oct 13, 2003     13  
  Oct 12, 2003     13  
  Oct 11, 2003     13  

It was generally in the low to mid teens prior to the 16th, peeked at
6th after the 16th and has just dropped to 10th last few days.

The drop seems to be caused by very large freshbot movements, which is
something I haven't seen before, at least not with this SERP. So
there's a very popular SERP that I've improved for.

Traffic for Lingerie on Overture 914376 a month.

Seeing similar with
113639  sexy lingerie (currently 4th, up from 10th).
22820  trashy lingerie (stable at 2nd)

I could make a medium size list of popular competitive searches I've
either improved for or seen barely any changes, but the above are

I've lost a few less important phrases and gained a lot more, but this
is normal for the site.

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I never said the ones I listed where popular.

I do have a question, what do others consider commercial etc...?

Jacket has been put forward as a non commercial phrase and non
competitive, but has 73628 searches on Overture. That's not a bad
figure, top 5 listing should bring in over 100 visitors a day. 10 of
those phrases and the right site and you have yourself enough traffic
to run a small business!

When you do a jacket search you see 8 Adwords on the right and two
sponsored listing at the top.

Entering max $0.25 a click for a Adwords campaign for Jacket and
Lingerie you get-

Keyword Clicks /Day  AverageCost-Per-Click  Cost /Day  AveragePosition
jacket  550.0  $0.16  $84.48  3.2
lingerie  900.0  $0.17  $150.37  2.9
sexy lingerie  21.0  $0.17  $3.51  4.3

As above, but $0.15 a click

jacket  450.0  $0.10  $42.98  3.8  
lingerie  760.0  $0.11  $83.06  3.8
sexy lingerie  16.0  $0.11  $1.72  4.8

Jacket seems far from non commercial to me!

Seems to me some are being very liberal, with their labelling of a
phrase to match what they believe.

Note Sexy Lingerie and Lingerie both show different results when you
do the -bunchacrap search so by the Anti SEO Filter hypothesis both
are commercial.

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I used to use Adwords for the Lingerie search and the Sexy Lingerie
search and others.

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I'm not seeing a problem, I'll be making minor changes to my plans
this month as I do every update. Generally speaking it's business as
usual for me :-))

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Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

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Look it is this simple. It  doesnt look as if Google is filtering
anything past two words. When you add the third word then that three
word phrase is not filtered.

Alabama Online - MBA NOT FILTERED

You simply have to shoot for an  extra word beyond the word or phrase
that that is filtered. I dont think some people are getting it.

My own eperience is similiar

The term "insurance quote" is filtered.

The term "Alabama insurance quote" is not.

Tim /

Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

Tim Arnold wrote:
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So how is that going to help anyone who is listed in a filtered search
and whose site is gone? The viewing public is still going to be using
the same two words and they are not going to add a third word. I don't
get your drift here?

ps-I also think it's terrible how people spam those greek pr6 guestbooks

Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

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Hehe. The only reason I posted to a PR6 is that I couldnt find a PR9.

I think I may take your advice and start a blog. Theres just too much
talk about how it can boost a site.
I know it is going to be a pain in the ()^&^&.

Got any suggestions.

Tim /

Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

You need 2 x -googlegoo


Alabama insurance quote -googlegoo -googlegoo

It is filtered, BTW

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Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

You can consult Centex Technologies. They are one of the leading SEO companies
helping achieve top rankings in the major search engines.

Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

responding to wrote:
krishkvl1765  wrote:

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A 10 years old thread! Nothing gets forgotted on the Net, does it? It was
a fun read, by the way, nice to keep things in perspective: 10 years ago
there were already sites buried by Google! LOL

Anyway, never heard of Centrex Technologies and, judging by the fact that
they still list "Directory Submission" as one of the main SEO tactics they
use, I would not expect much from their services.  

Re: How to restore ranking to your buried site

2003. november 27., csütörtök 10:09:40 UTC id?pontban D
em a következ?t írta:
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Loads of work to do there; first of all you have to change the internal lin
king, get quality backlinks and clean up old pages as well as 404 errors.

Think these guys can help.  

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